Our Practice Locations

We have practices in Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. Please contact the practice nearest you for assistance.

Norton, VA

470 Park Avenue
P.O. Box 625
800-446-0167 or 276-679-0777
Fax: 276-679-5919


Kingsport, TN

8 Sheridan Square
Suite 310
423-378-6068 or 877-840-5434
Fax: 423-378-5152


Roanoke, VA

611 S. Jefferson Street
Suite 3


Knoxville, TN

5908 Toole Drive
Suite H


Grundy, VA

1055 Plaza Drive
Grundy, VA. 24614


Matewan, WV

401 Mate Street
PO Box 108
Matewan, WV 25678


Mt. Hope, WV

28 Cross Roads Drive


Logan, WV

755 Stratton Street
Suite 300

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Attorneys Licensed in Tennessee

Jason T. Marshall
Joey G. Arnold
Victoria S. Herman


Attorneys Licensed in West Virginia

Victoria S. Herman
David Shane Hobbs
Rachel Wolfe


Attorneys Licensed in North Carolina

Joey G. Arnold

Attorneys Licensed in Kentucky

P. Heith Reynolds


Attorneys Licensed in Missouri

Jared N. Williams


Attorneys Licensed in Virginia

Joseph E. Wolfe
Vernon M. Williams
P. Heith Reynolds
Brad A. Austin
Bobby S. Belcher
W. Andrew Delph, Jr.
M. Rachel Wolfe
David Shane Hobbs

Veteran’s Administration Accredited Attorneys

Vernon M. Williams
Joey G. Arnold
Jason T. Marshall